Hide a Hose – The best quality at the lowest price!


Hide a Hose is a well-established brand in the central vacuum cleaner industry and has a reputation for high quality. There are several reasons why the quality of Hide a Hose products is high compared to other brands.

1. Hidden hose technology: Hide a Hose products feature hidden hose technology. This means that the hose automatically retracts into the wall when not in use, keeping the hose hidden and saving space. This reduces the risk of damaging the hose and provides a neat and tidy interior appearance. Other brands, such as Retraflex, Pratico and Chameleon, may offer similar features, but Hide a Hose’s hidden hose technology is considered the most advanced in the industry.

2. Strong and durable materials: Hide a Hose uses high-quality materials to ensure its products are durable and reliable. The flexible hose is made of a strong and abrasion-resistant material that resists cracking and damage. Other brands may use similar materials, but the quality of materials and manufacturing processes used by Hide a Hose are unmatched in the industry.

3. Easy installation and use: Hide a Hose products are easy to install and use. The products are designed with ease of use in mind and operation is simple and intuitive. Hide a Hose products are designed to make installation and use as simple and hassle-free as possible.

4. Versatility: Hide a Hose offers a wide range of products suitable for different types of homes and applications. The company offers customized solutions for new construction and renovation projects and also has a range of accessories compatible with virtually all brands of vacuum systems.

The original, since 1999. Hide a Hose invented the hose retraction system in 1999 and has the edge of innovation and years of experience in developing this type of system. While the original is often considered the best, it is important to always research whether products actually meet your needs before making a purchase.


1. Direct deliveries. The price of Hide a Hose is significantly lower than the price of other brands because Hide a Hose delivers directly from its central warehouse in the Netherlands to almost all countries in Europe, without built-in commission for resellers and the associated unnecessary logistics costs. By delivering directly, unnecessary intermediate links are skipped and costs are saved. As a result, the price is lower.

2. Reduced costs. Hide a Hose has an optimized logistics chain, which means efficient operations and fast delivery – almost always from stock. This contributes to a lower price because less costs are incurred for storage and transportation.

3. Price/quality ratio: The fact that Hide a Hose’s price is lower does not mean that the quality of the product is less. On the contrary. Hide a Hose products are of high quality and are delivered quickly at a lower price.

Offering the product in this way, we try to make the benefits of central vacuuming and the convenience of hose retraction systems available to everyone. That is our mission!